I know this is not a big deal for anyone but it is very frustration for me every time I need to format the text on my notes and to-do list I store in Sticky Notes.

Unfortunately Sticky Notes does not allow you to change font families/types, I don’t know why because it keeps the font type of the text you copy from an email or website and paste in it, but that’s the way Microsoft designed this thing and I hope they are able to change it on the future.

Here are the keyboard commands you can use to handle content within the infamous Sticky Notes:

Bold text Ctrl+B
Italic text Ctrl+I
Underlined text Ctrl+U
Strikethrough Ctrl+T
Bulleted list Ctrl+Shift+L
(Press this keyboard shortcut again to switch to a numbered list.)
Increased text size Ctrl+Shift+>
Decreased text size Ctrl+Shift+<

Hopes this help!

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