This is by far the easiest way to have FFMPEG installed on your CentOS5 server, there is a lot of things you can do from your cPanel/WHM managing area but you are always limited to the repositories configured by default on your server, most of the times FFMPEG is not located on the default repositories and if you ask your server provider to install it you will find that their prices are kind of high!

So after some time I found an easy way to do this, all you need is access to your SSH as root and run the following code:

Edit the repositories libraries:

# nano -w /etc/yum.repos.d/dag.repo

Paste the following info at the end of the document:

name=Dag RPM Repository for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Import the new repository key:

# rpm --import

Install FFMPEG and other needed libraries:

# yum install ffmpeg
# yum install ffmpeg-devel

Let me know if this was helpful at all…


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